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Shaping the future of informed parasite protection.


ME TIME isn’t all fun and games

How a dog enjoys their ‘me time’ can influence their level of parasite risk and therefore the level of protection they require.


Welcome to the WHAT’S THE RISK? Hub - providing veterinary practices with practical tools and advice to support risk-based prescribing decisions.

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Appropriate and responsible parasite control is under increasing scrutiny.


Veterinary practices can now turn this challenge into an opportunity.


Parassess® is a tool developed by Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health alongside leading experts to help practices implement the responsible use of parasiticides by:


•  Increasing knowledge
•  Providing new insight
•  Offering practical client support tools

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Eye-opening insights below


IT'S TIMEto understand the risk of roundworms


WormWatch®, a recent study supported by Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health alongside leading parasitologists, revealed...



86.6% of soil samples taken from UK parks contained Toxocara eggs. Citation 1.

WormWatch®: Park soil surveillance reveals extensive Toxocara contamination across the UK and Ireland
Paul M. Airs, Claire Brown, Erica Gardiner, Liz Maciag, Jamie P. Adams, Eric R. Morgan

WormWatch® Publication
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The roundworm lifecycle

Monthly worming is the most effective way to minimise egg shedding into the environment.

Roundworm lifecycle


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Parassess® is a FREE online, easy-to-use parasite risk checker tool for owners, which helps assess a dog’s individual risk, helping you choose the right parasite protection for each dog, not just any dog.

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IT’S TIME to take tailored parasite protection to the next level

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Learn more with the WHAT'S THE RISK? video series and Dr Ian Wright

Parassess Risk Assessment Tool
How can a risk assessment tool help?
Learn how risk checking tools can assist an assessment and what forms they take, including a brief look at Parassess®, our online risk checker for owners.
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Girl with dog
What are the risk factors for common parasites?
Learn more about the key parasite risks to cats, dogs and humans – how, when and where they can occur.
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dog in field
What is parasite risk?
Find out how factors can grow or decrease, considering environmental hazards and exposure.
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Can risk assestment work with practice health plans
Can risk assessment work with practice health plans?
Learn how to tailor a practice health plan according to an individual dog’s parasite risk and clients’ requirements.
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How can risk assessment work in practice
How can risk assessment work in practice?
Find out how involving the whole practice team can improve owner relationships, education – and the tools available to facilitate this.
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“Well-designed digital risk checkers save time and help to quantify risk for specific parasites in a way which is easy for owners to understand”

To read Ian’s article on how risk assessments underpin responsible parasiticide prescribing, click below. 

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Written by
Dr Ian Wright, BVMS BSc MSc MRCVS
Chair of ESCCAP

European Scientific Counsel Companion Animal Parasites.